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Vibrant and enchanting Asian Suits and Sarees.

The Payals showroom was opened in 2013 in Birmingham at Birmingham’s Soho Road. Being situated in the heart of Birmingham’s Asian community. Payals create unique and stylised Asian outfits for all occasions. Whether it is a traditional Saree or Salwar Kameez or a bespoke piece for your Wedding or Soiree’, our designs and attention to detail, rich cultural history in fine cloth making make up the preferred choice for Brides and events. We have our very own factory, tailored in UK and India so we are in control in sourcing the very finest Asian cloth, silk and colours following and setting colour theory and trends.

Asian Bridal Store, Payals of Birmingham 

Our expert workmen or 'Karigaar's', are masters of their trades and work with highly intricate 'dabka', 'zari', Swarovski crystals and other rich variants of embroidery in harmony with all of our finished Asian bridal and Partywear outfits. Payals reputation and history stem from her roots in West Delhi by Payal. They manage the companies’ outlets and work alongside a manufacturing unit in India with more than 50 skilled employees specialising the manufacturing of quality sarees, lehengas and Bridal Asian outfits. Our fair trade policy within our products lines takes into account company pensions, welfare and support for sick leave along with many benefits for workforce behind Payals; who are actively involved in many charities to include.

The company began by working in a small boutique offering in New Delhi, dealing with a whole host of clients and retailing designer’s sarees and fine garments from boutiques Janakpuri, India back in 1998. Since then, the company have transformed their operation due to high demand and set up Payals first concession offering Asian Bridal and Indian clothing in 2013.

The customer demand led the business to grow a loyal fan base and are now seeking to take their flagship offering to new heights.

“Our customers are always relying on us throughout the year and we have seen a trend that Brides and families would make trips to India for their Wedding shopping. Quite the opposite now, like us; we produce the garments by hand and are unique as we have an onsite Asian bridal tailor. Essentially we negate the high prices usually offered and carry a truly wide selection of custom focused designs for all occasions”.- Payals, Asian Bridal Store, Birmingham

We offer a bespoke Asian bridal fitting service, so at ease, you are able to simply book a visit with our master tailor and all designs and fittings are sought out and sourced by Payal herself. There is no occasion that is too big, too small. We deliver the highest standards throughout all of our production and care for each garment as it has our name on it. Payals Asian Bridal & Bespoke Stitching Service are core product offering from our Birmingham based outlet.  We never leave an outfit to chance, we can help you bring your design to life.  Starting from an idea to a finished piece, we will work with you every step of the way in the manufacturing process.  Starting from the conception stage, putting your ideas down on a scrap piece of paper, to having an artist draw up an interpetation of the ideas.  If and when you are happy with the sketch we will then go the to next stage and get your approval on fabrics and a sample of the embroidery.  The next stage will be to make a full size panel of the lengha so that you can see your design come to life and in person.  At this stage, with your approval, we will make the full outfit.  Throughout all these stages you have the opportunity to 'steer' the design in whichever direction you please.  You can also relax, knowing that the outfit you have ordered will be exactly what you wanted and what you had in mind.

Payals Asian Bridal Services 

Designing & Sketching of Designs.
Raw Fabric Cutting / Pattern examples.

Types of fabric
Dyed fabric and merging colours.
Embroidery and fine details throughout the piece.
Stitching and trials prior to the event.
Final Finishing & Packing

Payals outfits are delivered to you within 24 hours. If you have an urgent request or would like some support and help on your outfit or any other related customer query, then please call us or simply fill out the contact form for a callback.

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